Shaker furniture

is also known as Mission furniture or Sierra furniture

BurS1 Shaker nightstand 

custom size usually at no extra cost, all drawers are on glides

Arm S1 shaker armoire picture


ArmS1  holds a 36" TV

45" x 72" x 24"

$990.00 delivered Continental U. S.


Arm S2 shaker armoire picture

ArmS2  the top section is for a 36" TV

45" x 72" x 25"



ComS1 shaker tall boy dresser picture ComS1 shaker tall boy dresser picture high res


36" x 59" x 20"

$767.00 delivered Continental U. S.


ComS2 shaker vanity dresser picture


59" x 75" x 20"

$890.00 delivered Continental U. S.


ComS3 shaker buffet  picture


63" x  34" x 20"

$790.00 delivered Continental U. S.


ComS1 shaker tall welcome rack picture


includes 1/4" plate mirror

48" x 75" x 19"

$690.00 delivered Continental U. S.


LatS1 4 person table picture

LatS1 4

person table

41" x  30"

$490.00 delivered Continental U.S.



   EscS1 shakerdesk picture


32" x  30" x  28"   modify dimensions .

$520.00 insured/delivered


 no formaldehydes..!

NesS1 shakerdining table picture

click on picture for better detail !

MesS1 seats 8   very solid!

43" x 30" x 85" solid 1 1/2" thick planks and 3" all around, lower beam  4"x 6" top 3"x 4"  legs 3"wide.

$760.00 FOB L.A.


shaker chair

click on picture for better detail !

SilS 1   solid, ample...

20" x 45" x 22"

$175.00 FOB L.A. tenon and mortise


BurS1 Shaker nightstand    BurS1 Shaker nightstand


17" x 24" x 19"

$210.00 FOB LA


VitS1 Shaker nightstand picture


  8 mini spice drawers, 

great organizer

67" x 87" x19"

$882.00 FOB L.A.


$1,182.00 Insured/delivered


  Sierra or Mission Furniture Bedroom

 Most customers re-order the Sierra line then the Hacienda or

the Spanish lines, it also costs a fraction more because of the extra time involved to

make dovetail drawers and mortises joinery etc.

The general appearance of this line is soft, clean and elegant.

Shaker furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (aka Shakers),

a religious sect founded by Jane and James Wardley. They came to America from Manchester, England in 1774 led by Mother Ann Lee.

Shaker furniture is widely admired for its simplicity, innovative joinery, quality, and functionality.

Shaker designs were inspired by the ascetic religious beliefs of the Society. Shakers made furniture for their own use,

as well as for sale to the general public.
Many examples of Shaker furniture survive and are preserved today, including such popular forms as Shaker tables, chairs, rocking chairs

(made in several sizes), and cabinets. Collections of Shaker furniture are maintained by many art and historical museums in the

United States and England, as well as in numerous private collections. The underlying principles of Shaker design have given

inspiration to some of the finest designers of modern furniture. Also many ideals of furniture formed around the common

Shaker furniture construction.

Hacienda Collection

This is by far the best selling line as well as the best known throughout the world.

The contrast of the wrought iron black wrought iron hinges and door pulls against

 the soft vintage honey color of the pine, makes a delightful impression,

many other companies try to imitate our quality with no avail,

U.S. furniture grade quality kiln dried pine, steel Euro-glide shelf drawers

our chairs are made with commercial grade quality 2.25" solid wood

construction, armoire, bookcases etc.

 are made with natural wood backs, not plywood backs


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