Mexican furniture iron hardware

our wrought iron  hardware is authentically hand made in Mexico

for Mexican furniture we recommend wrought Iron made in Mexico hardware.

All wrought iron hardware is hand made, each individual piece is minutely different from each other our clavos are not mass produced but hand made in Mexico in wrought iron for those who know the differences, subtleties... don't ruin your Mexican furnishings by saving .50 cents...

mexican hardware,wrought iron hardware


c l i c k   o n   p i c t u r e s   t o   s e e   p r i c e s . . .  

these are exact dimensions

   360 degree hinges   Hinges,   Chest Hardware,   Door Pulls,    Hammered clavos,   other iron works  


Only on these line of wrought iron products, delivery fluctuates

between 1 and 7 weeks, if you can not wait please!  do not order.  

  m i n i m u m   o r d e r   $ 75 . 0 0


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