stephen parrent

6:25 AM (3 hours ago)

to me

Hi Oscar, I need the whole bed and 2 nightstands. I have some pics of what I would like. Not sure if you guys can make it. But that’s ok. Maybe you can show me some pics or describe what’s available.


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Hacienda Rustica

8:41 AM (49 minutes ago)

to stephen

Good morning Stephen, I did receive the pictures you sent, Spanish tableado in Honey color,  I will add the matching footboard, side rails and support beams for 200 extra.  No Tax, Delivered and Installed.

Usually bedding ends at 30″ in height to match the nightstands, if that is OK I will need to know the thickness of the
mattress/box if no box it will be a platform style bed no e/c.
Thank You

   Complete bed Headboard,footboard, rails, and either support beams or 3/4″ solid pine platform. 2 Nightstands, 1 dresser. Honey Color stain, clear polyurethane coating. Delivered installed. $1,600.00 50% deposit/balance $800.00

stephen parrent

Wed, Oct 2, 5:01 PM (2 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar, The mattress is 14 inch thick with no box. We would need the headboard to be 60 inches in height. Not sure how high the bed would have to be, I would leave that up to you. We do love the set you made us years ago however we didn’t want the exact same thing as that set will be going in my daughters room. We are not sure what you can make. Do you have any ideas?

Aloha Steven

Here some bed ideas…

natural woods