Doors- (arched curve old world look- with just the door jams (no molding)- keiferd


Width (80″ tall) Count


32”        4


30”        3


36”        1


                                        (2)  36” X 80” – shutter closet doors/sliders


(2)  31” X 80” – shutter closet doors/sliders

4 shutter closet doors in Alder wood $2,000.00


Alder wood pre-hung on keifered frame (for stucco)


8 Arched doors $6,000.00 as lower right lower picture

8 Square doors with arch interior panels, $4,800.00 left lower picture.


2 simple vanity (not a lot of ornate work- similar to attached- but with more of the ironwork that you have in yours)


1 at 56 inches

 Alder as picture you sent any style carved  or with iron decor $1,460.00


1 at 36 inches $740.00

 $10,200.00  All pieces in Alder and True Arched doors.


That is for the first project.  Once I finish these rooms out, I will start on the next one.  Let me know if you need more information






Do you want square door with arched panel as picture to the left


do you want all your doors Arched pre hung no moldings as in the picture in the right?.

Here is your receipt:

========== TRANSACTION RECORD ==========
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TYPE: Purchase

ACCT: Visa                $ 5,100.00 USD

CARDHOLDER NAME : Michael lynch
CARD NUMBER     : ############8019
DATE/TIME       : 28 Sep 20 13:49:20
REFERENCE #     : 001 0764440 T
AUTHOR. #       : 07610D
TRANS. REF.     : 

    Approved - Thank You 100

Please retain this copy for your records.

Cardholder will pay above amount to
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Order Modifications

door quantity and door dimmensions Oct 4 2020

Oscar-  Here is the final info on the doors and vanity. I will have 2 other pieces of “furniture” that I will want you to build with this project.  I’ll get those to you later.  Numbers are a little different than I had you quote.

For the ached doors:  I am thinking of doing some light carving at the bottom (1035A- attached.) and then something simple at the top of the door- similar to (7629L) .  Do you think there is a way to incorporate the tw?  My wife is ok with a little bit of carving, I would like to get it in tastefully.

As for the vanities:

-Master 23” wide, 24” deep, 35” high (I’ll need about 8 feet of 1X3” trim wood that is the same look at as the vanity for some trim work) – small 4 inch drawers on either side of the sink- Then double doors under the drawer

-Kids van 55” wide, 24” deep, 32“ high – 2 sinks.  Drawers in the center, doors under the sink, with a small 5 inch drawer under the double doors under each sink

door style as of 20.27.2020

Kambrey doors below, carvings

Here I am suggesting the “S” leaf carving on top of panels and flowers on lower part of doors.

modifications late November

 door as nick’s building exterior

modified to straight lower part of lower panel

 with moldings and clavos, ogee edge panels, no speak ez grill.

FYI Door below description

Exterior Arched mahogany by hacienda rustica

2″ (8/4 “) African Mahogany vintage texture finish, stained and poly coated.

8, 2″ beveled panels,  round top moldings 3/4″.

Double arched door below, same specs  with hand hammered clavos between V groove, Speak EZ w/iron grill, pre-hung

holly door

Hacienda Rustica

Oct 20, 2020, 11:46 AM (7 days ago)

to michael

Mike 3-4 weeks for all doors to be finished, arched frames are time consumers.

 We are going full steam as of tomorrow morning. I will check for messages this evening and get back to you.



Thank You
Oscar Almaguer

michael lynch

Oct 20, 2020, 11:56 AM (7 days ago)

to me

Sounds good- thanks!

Hacienda Rustica Thu, Oct 22, 11:56 PM (5 days ago)

Hi Mike I will attach a picture of the style we talked about. Also on the link below, that type of carving takes 3 extra weeks, $50 sq foot. How big or small th

Hacienda Rustica Fri, Oct 23, 9:50 AM (4 days ago)

Hi Mike, zoom in on the picture and notice the flowers and the curly leaves. The sooner you let me know the better for a speedy production. PS I will be @ local

michael lynch

Sat, Oct 24, 7:36 AM (3 days ago)

to me



This is the one.  Little different style.  But I love the slight bow on the cross member.  In ours, no metal window.  – maybe the tacks at the bottom.


Call my cell with any questions.  I think we are good to go on this.

Attachments area

Hacienda Rustica

Sat, Oct 24, 8:24 AM (3 days ago)

to michael

Hello Mike, this is quite a modification. It is OK with me. So only the middle member bowed with 2 bowed panels, no speak ez speak window, no moldings, no vertical “v” grooves, only clavos on the bottom. I will confirm with you tonight if this is the final design.


Phone conversation October 28 2020


Door to look like picture from Nick’s.

Round all panels on Arched doors including low rail. Yes to V grooves, no to clavos, Yes to moldings around round panels both sides, no speak ez window.   Add 5% to previews prices after the size modification.   

ps: I said 5% more, although I did not account for the moldings around panels. You have paid $5,100.00



michael lynch <>
Sep 21, 2020, 3:33 PM
to me

I like that first one- interior doors7.jpg – without the metal. How low can you get me?
I would want it with just the jam- but with a kerfer cut in it.

I am at $450 per door unfinished with the jams Kerferd. US made alder, etc. Yours are finished, so I do get the difference.

I’ll shoot you some pics of the vanity style we want later this evening. We are good to go with those once we decide on style.



Hacienda Rustica <>
Sep 21, 2020, 5:58 PM
to michael

Sounds good.

michael lynch <>
Sep 21, 2020, 6:25 PM
to me

Sounds good .. like you can do 450 on the door I chose?

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From: Hacienda Rustica <>
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2020 5:58:35 PM
To: michael lynch <>
Subject: Re: remodeling a Spanish style house

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michael lynch <>
Sep 21, 2020, 6:42 PM
to me

The door model behind image 10- is the arch look I would like to have on it. 

Mike Lynch, Principal

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Description: cid:image005.gif@01CCDA94.7BD6EE40


Hacienda Rustica

Got it. That is a nice door. Please put the order together. I will be happy to get you the lowest  possible quote.

Updated design door quote

 10,200 + 4,800 size modification and door count = 17k  5 % for new door style $ 850.00 = $17,850.00  + 1,606.50 Ca TX = $19,456.00

 50%= $9,728.25   deposit  made for $5,100.00 


$4,628.00 will complete the 50% deposit required to commence any work.

We are known for our vintage finishes if interested in us doing the finish add 10% for a finish with any stain and clear satin  polycrylic. Natural water based products.

 If you want a vintage finish look and feel, must let me knew before assembly no extra charge for the vintage labor.


 Even with these adjustments we are 22% average  less than Nick’s and a much better door. If you want to move forward and reschedule,  complete deposit below.