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Hi Oscar ,


I would like the one cabinet with the vertical bars and the center section open with the carvings(not sure what you name it)

I would like it 40 or 42 wide and 20 or 22 inches across the middle (whatever you suggest )

I found a sink locally and do not need the top finished as it will be tiled.

What do we need to get started on that a drawing ?

Doe s the top drawer tilt down or a short drwaer and is there a drawer below?

Also how long does it take?



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Subject: RE: Can u give me an estimate?

I see the one drawer where are the other 2?

Maybe send drawing?

See photo below

Or are thinking another syle

I could not find the governador on the website

Hello Philip, Governador Carving in the middle 2 doors just below the flip down drawer.

Any color Stain with Polyurethane coat in Alder wood.

$1,500 each FOB Los Angeles 4 to 8 weeks from 50% deposit solid wood top for tile.

4 to 6 weeks from 50% deposit date. $ 200 for delivery.

If this is OK I will send you a link to your custom order for deposit

I will then make drawings so that we both agree on the specs.

Thank You


Round alder small vanity
Vertical bars console vanity

We are 4-8 weeks fro delivery from deposit

or last modification date. Average 6 weeks.

Ca Tax may apply

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$1,500.00 + Ca Tax $142.50 = $1,642.50 less deposit $750.00 Balance $892.50

Delivery $200.00 cash on delivery is best. Agreed to $300 for the distance. took all day 2 people.

receipt: Balance paid.

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