Bill Gould

Wed, Dec 23, 1:34 PM (2 days ago)

to me, Bill


Hello Oscar – Good talking to you too.


So based on what we discussed and what you have included in this email, I would like to get a formal quote for the following:


  • (1) +/-3080 pre-hung door – #3 Style (current door is 35.75”x95.5” – will provide exact stud clearance and head height once order is approved) 
  • Wood – Mahogany
  • Stain – Merlot    Please select from here.
  • Hardware – Do you have a picture or spec for the latch hardware I can review?


o   Pull with thumb latch (Outside) Lever handle (Inside)


o   Dead-bolt (keyed – outside) (thumb screw – inside)


  • Delivered to 15183 Chelsea Dr., San Jose, CA 95124 


Based on your summary below I am anticipating the following charges

 Left-In swing exterior door.

  • 3×8= $1,200   Yes  Mahogany+ hardware  
  • Pre-hung (Jambs, stops and wood) = $600   Mahogany also includes int/ext moldings.
  • Wood Threshold = $???  0 included
  • Hardware = $120  48 hand hammered iron clavos, 1/2″ solid wrought iron bars.
  • Delivery LA to San Jose = $???   $300

 Glass   $160  total  $2,380.00 Ca TX $ 197=  $ 2,427.00

 50% deposit/balance $ 1,213.50

Please confirm receipt and let me know what else you need to prepare final quote. 

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Hacienda Rustica

Wed, Dec 23, 2:26 PM (2 days ago)

to Bill


Hi Bill, you got the quote right, no charge for threshold, 300 for delivery to San Jose, add 160 for  special glass. ( 3/4″ double pane safety glass w label )  If You want to move forward I will send you  an order link by tomorrow. 


 Bill, send a picture of your instructions for the lock you select, I will bore the holes @ n/c or have Amazon ship to me directly.

 Hacienda Rustica 3855 E. Cesar E Chavez Ave Los Angeles, Ca. 90063-1804


custom mahogany door

 Allow 6-8 weeks from deposit or last modification date.

Total delivered  $2,380.00 Ca TX $ 197=  $ 2,427.00

 50% deposit/balance $ 1,213.50

Here is your receipt:

========== TRANSACTION RECORD ==========
United States

TYPE: Purchase

ACCT: Visa                $ 1,213.50 USD

CARD NUMBER     : ############1895
DATE/TIME       : 26 Dec 20 14:28:31
REFERENCE #     : 001 0139569 T
AUTHOR. #       : 616282
TRANS. REF.     : 

    Approved - Thank You 100

Bill Gould

2:40 PM (2 hours ago)

to me, Bill

Hi Oscar,


I just processed the deposit on your web site.


This is the lockset I am planning on ordering and having delivered directly to your shop once I get your approval.


Just to be clear – if you are looking at the door from the outside the hinges should be on the left, and the door should swing into the house.


The only thing I still owe you is inside dimension between the studs and from bottom of head to floor.


Let me know if you need anything else at this point.




Bill Gould

Tue, Dec 29, 4:21 PM (18 hours ago)

to me, Bill


Hi Oscar,




The door opening existing conditions:


  • Stud to stud inside – 38 1/8”
  • Bottom of header to finish floor – 97 3/8”




As soon as you can take a look at the link attached for door latch hardware and confirm you do not see any problems installation and function I will order and have shipped directly to you.


Let me know if there is anything else you need at this time. 


All the best and Happy New Years



Door needs correction on iron grills and moldings.

 They were sent 1″ too large. We should be able to ship on Monday. ETA Thursday. 1 week from today.

ETA 3.24.21