Computer armoires

solid wood made to order 

Custom computer armoire flip down table

Style A 

custom computer armoire flip down arm rest

Style B

custom armoire pull out keyboard

Style C

comp armoire

Style D

          Custom computer armoires

 S m e l l  n a t u r a l  p i n e,  l  i  v  e   l o n g e r,    n e v e r     w o r k    c o l d .. .

 45" x 74" x 20" d

$ 960.00 

Size and interior layout at no extra charge we will contact you  within 24 hours via e-mail to confirm

interior configuration.

Delivered/ Insured 

no assembly required, your  armoire will be delivered to you on a pallet to you door

 in the color and size that you specified,  start using it within minutes of delivery.

 no tools, no diagrams nor headaches required.



add  $600.00 for side units delivered armoires with side bookcases

I f   y o u   d o n ' t   s e e   t h e   s i z e   y o u   f i n d   o p t i m u m ,

   t h e r e   i s   n o   e x t r a   c h a r g e   f o r   m a k i n g   i t   a   l i t t l e   b i g g e r   o r   s m a l l e r

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There are many types of wood. They vary in softness and hardness, flexibility, and even what pattern the grain of the wood makes. Some types of wood are more common than others. There are the more expensive types, such as cherry, mesquite, walnut and mahogany etc , and the less expensive types of wood, such as beech, poplar, however pine is in a class of its own, great smell and warm feel. Typically, an expensive piece of furniture uses woods like mahogany on the outside, or the visible surfaces, and cheaper woods on the non-visible parts. This saves money when building the furniture. Office and home furniture, we us manufacturers can help you create an organize a  comfortable and fashionable place to live and work. Hacienda Rustica  provides a special kind of furniture that is practical and affordable, as well as attractive and truly enduring.

We do not use veneers! nor formaldehyde products. We use only natural solid wood. The charm of this line of furniture lies in the natural irregularities of the wood, like the knots, the bow, the uneven areas that make the stain penetrate unevenly, these are the characteristics of Rustic Furniture. This old method of human imperfection and uneven stain application has given us that distinctive vintage appearance and has given us great results for almost 50 years. Yes our furniture is assembled with the exception of beds where you have to drop 2 side beams into headboard and footboard..

Enjoy natural solid  pine furniture ...

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