defamation, by Ria Atkins from Bishop Ca.   A professional shaman placing negative comments for Yelp and BBB.  Only a $700  monthly fee will remove them.

Below loss of revenues by Yelp's account

BBB is another deal

Today 2.5.19 at 9.39 am Name and content

notice 11.33 am Only hours after I replied to Yelp's on a false accusation

She "Scarlett" or "Ann" says her story is true.

since we refused to pay BBB and Yelp for a $700 a moth fee each.

Ria Atkins Modus Operandum

This is how the attack begins 9.17.18  5.16 pm

Here it comes, see the Name in September 20

Business Sabotage 

Another false accusation to Yelp.

Ria Atkins answered as Starlet, Ann C.

I sent emails to the District Attorney in San Francisco

What does Yelp do?

the very next day, Yelp removed our name from directory, with a lame excuse.


but what happened if were to type Hacienda Rustica in their search window?  

What doers Yelp do when anyone searches Hacienda Rustica?

Yelp in order to continue their extortion, Yelp redirects these inquiries to Yelp's customers, those who would submit* to a monthly fee.


Jeremy Stoppleman makes his money on the backs of good names, plane and simple.  There are stories on Google of many good, great, delicious, Restaurants that failed because decided to  stop being extorted by Yelp and BBB for about 700 a month. The harassment starts via and their agents.  Taxing each Restaurant in the World?  I see the nice stories nice comments and ratings then suddenly, when the salesman of Yelp or BBB gets notified of the client drop, shortly after you see less and less stars until closed sign is on, hanging while the other Restaurant who submits,  sells more for, makes more money, BBB and Yelp get their 700 + per Month each and honest folks who trusted Yelp and trusted BBB do not end up with the best food in town. But the one that sells the most.


Jeremy Stoppleman makes his money on the back of good business names. plain and simple mobster. not much different from El Chapo or Al Capone.


We are growing up you no yuppi. You is a Billionaire stealing from honest businesses, shame on You.  What a es-chime.


*submit : those who pay for ads to these specific words for “hacienda rustica” for example or any business name for that matter, if someone wants to reflect off your light,  it is not behind them.


 Nice people bellow not far from our location, I keep referring them  all cash and carry customers.