Maureen Kinney

Sun, Mar 13, 8:54 PM (6 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar:

I tried the link & it seems it expired.  I’m sorry that I’ve taken so long on this.  We are interested in the carved alder, with the mirror.  It cannot be wider than 42 inches.  If you could send me the order, I will pay the deposit.  Can I ask that you send a photo of the item that will be sent prior to shipping?  

Thank you again,

Maureen Kinney
Lake Forest, California. 

Alder Wood carved round vanity

  42″ w x 23″d x 36″h  as image below


TYPE:Deposit 50%
ACCT: Visa                $ 1,059.00 USD
CARDHOLDER NAME : Maureen Kinney
CARD NUMBER     : ############2669
DATE/TIME       : 19 Mar 22 10:09:57
REFERENCE #     : 001 0131616 T
AUTHOR. #       : 08745D
TRANS. REF.     : 
Approved - Thank You 100

$2,118.00 total for vanity with matching frame with 1/4″ plate  mirror.

 delivery at no charge.

50% deposit $1,059.00  

Custom Carved Alder wood Vanity $2,118.00 + Travertine top/bowl

900 = $3,018.00 tx 286.71 total $3,304.71 less deposit $1,059.00 Balance $2,245.71

Delivered inside your home.

Address 21432 Midcrest Drive
City Lake Forest
State California
ZIP 92630
Carved single round vanity

Hacienda Rustica

Apr 19, 2022, 12:12 PM (11 days ago)

to Maureen

Hi Maureen, on Your custom web page. I added pictures of stone tops and sinks and vessels that are available as of 2 days ago.

I can still have this installed within 2-3 weeks ready for your vanity and ship.
Add about $900.00 for any stone and any sink or vessel installed and the faucet here gets holes or holes made.
The edge images you may select any and the colors of the stone on those samples will be pretty close.

Maureen Kinney

AttachmentsApr 20, 2022, 7:28 AM (10 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar:

We will choose the white circular sink (first row, third one over) and the lighter top (second photo), but the section without a lot of blemishes.

Do you think this will look good? We thought the lighter colors will look good against the darker wood. If you have another suggestion, please let us know.

How tall is the circular sink? Do we need to order a certain height faucet? If we buy one here, where do we ship it to?

Also, when do we make the final payment?

Thank you again, Maureen