Custom carved King size bed for Merritt Johnson, order to be packed and shipped to Texas.

Carving on the left to be made into a king bed similar to the image on the right @ 76″ max width.
Posts be made in 3″ solid for a more refined style, specs to be clarified after deposit.

Alder wood is $2,600.00 FOB Los Angeles, Freight to residential TX is approx $400 we will know when all pieces are packed and crated.

Transaction Time2021/07/15 06:42:50 Amount $1,300.00 USD

Deposit paid. On 04.02.21 and balance paid on 07.15.21

ACCT: Mastercard          $ 1,300.00 USD
CARDHOLDER NAME : Merritt Johnson
CARD NUMBER     : ############8268
DATE/TIME       : 02 Apr 21 06:09:35
REFERENCE #     : 001 0421961 T
AUTHOR. #       : 592734
TRANS. REF.     : 
Approved - Thank You 100
Balance on Bed paid.

Hacienda Rustica

Sun, Apr 18, 1:53 PM (20 hours ago)

to Merritt

Sounds good! same cost. The Bedroom Set is custom made for your needs but

I suggest 12159146A.
Alder $1,800.00
If you would like 12 drawers unit would be 46″ h and cost would be $2,200.00 with 4 drawers faces carved, you select them.
Let me know if I should update your order page.

Merritt Johnson

Sun, Apr 18, 2:06 PM (20 hours ago)

to me
That sounds perfect! Let’s do 9 drawer for $1800. You can update my order page. Do you need a 50% deposit as well for the dresser or will I pay all of the remaining once you are done?

I suggest 70 x 36″h x 16″d 3 rows of 3 drawers all 8″ high on 6″ turned matching bed legs.

ACCT: Mastercard            $ 900.00 USD
CARDHOLDER NAME : Merritt Johnson
CARD NUMBER     : ############8268
DATE/TIME       : 20 Apr 21 13:40:27
REFERENCE #     : 001 0812470 T
AUTHOR. #       : 127365
TRANS. REF.     : 
Approved - Thank You 100
Merritts new bed1
Merritts new bed2
Merritts custom desk in solid natural pine - Copy (2)

Hacienda Rustica

Wed, Oct 13, 2:16 PM

to Merritt

Hello Merritt, I see a chance, I can have the bed delivered before Halloween, if we add the rest of the order, it will add 6 weeks or delivery by before Xmas. call it the Holiday deliveries. Who is better than us?

I will send you pictures next week. The bed is here in Los Angeles.
bandicam 2021-10-06 13-25-23-311

Let’s do the glass top with no drawers for the nightstands.

For the desk I’m thinking 7 drawers with dimensions 60” length, 22” width, 32” height (can be higher if needed). I want the drawers to be located/similar size as the picture attached – but same wood brown color as my bed and same type of hand carvings that match my bed on the drawers of desk! Also, if we could add some small feet on the desk similar to what you did on my dresser that would be perfect.

2 night stands with Safety glass top Iron balance. $ 440.00 = $880.00

1 custom desk in Alder with carving. $2,600.00 total $3,840.00

delivery, butcher block at n/c deposit $ 1,740.00

No deposit for last made, agreed to pay balance on pending bed.

Hi Merritt, if i am not mistaken there the balance for the dresser $900 and $3,480 for the Desk and 2 nightstands. $4,380.00 Deliveries @ n/c

I have 3 payments made:

1st 04.02 $ 1,300.00 deposit on bed.

2nd 04.20 $900.00 deposit on dresser

3rd 07.15 $1,300.00 balance for bed

bandicam 2021-10-06 13-53-16-318