I Broverman broverip@gmail.com

Mar 2, 2021, 6:29 PM

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Your woodwork is beautiful. I am interested in your 30x18x32 carved vanity dresser. You list it for $705 without a sink. Do you have an option for an installed sink? If so, what would be the price, and what sink bowls are available?


Also, do you make 24” wide interior doors? My house is small. The sugar skull panel on your door page is amazing, although I do not know if it would be in my price range. How much would a 24” paneled door cost? Or a 24” non-paneled door?


Thank you very much,


24 x 80 skull door in pine 560.00 pine interior door no frame (not prehung)

add talavera bowl 100 and 120 for copper bowl.

$692.50 deposit on 3.10.21