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Tue, Jun 29, 11:57 AM (3 days ago)

to Alma

Sounds good. Stacey’s doors are 36 x 84 pre hung in Alder. She paid 1,620.60 over 3 years ago. All wood has gone up substantially (180%) and keeps going up.

I can get the double doors for $2,100 delivered and add 200 if you want them installed. For now I have enough Alder wood in stock for this door.
Alma if you want the order going you will need to place a 50% deposit if interested I will send you a link similar to this one.

$2,100.00 + 199.50 tx = $2,299.50 50% deposit $1,149.75 allow 4 to 6 weeks from deposit date.


Or pay balance and installation

on next link.


Balance paid. Thank You.

TYPE: Purchase
ACCT: Visa                $ 1,349.75 USD
CARDHOLDER NAME : Connor Theilmann
CARD NUMBER     : ############7337
DATE/TIME       : 17 Sep 21 14:18:07
REFERENCE #     : 001 0843616 T
AUTHOR. #       : 04233D
TRANS. REF.     : 
Approved - Thank You 100
Please retain this copy for your records.
Cardholder will pay above amount to
card issuer pursuant to cardholder

cash $200 to installer.

Total Amount: USD 1149.75

Payment Information

First Name
Last Name
Email alma@almadesignstudio.com
Address 46 Waller St
City Austin
State Texas
Postal Code/ZIP 78702
Country United States

Alma Aroustamian

Wed, Jul 14, 4:37 PM (2 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar,

I just got confirmation for the door RO is 81.5” and the width is 36”. We can go slightly narrower or wider depending on your input.
Can you email a drawing or some image showing the curve of the top of door?