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Alberta Bed and Kitchen Cabinets



3:51 PM (18 hours ago)
to me, dgnnix

Hi Oscar, 

We are still freezing up here—worst cold snap in 50 years, warmer weather coming next week. 

We would like to order cabinets and bedframe as per below (images attached for reference): 

Kitchen Cabinets

  • 1- 33” corner base cabinet with door
  • 1- 27” base cabinet with doors
  • 1- 27” base cabinet with drawer and doors
  • 1- 27” base cabinet with 3 drawers (6” deep top drawer and other 2 drawers 12” deep)
  • All wood base cabinet boxes are a standard depth of 24” (can be plywood to reduce cost)
  • Solid affordable wood fronts with raised panel
  • Dark walnut stain, show grain, satin finish, low VOC preferred
  • No handles or pulls (we have some that we will install)
  • Can have a distressed look if no added cost 

Alberta Bedframe

  • Sketch and measurements are attached for a standard king 76” x 80” mattress
  • Frame inside measurements are 76.5” wide x 80.5” long
  • Pine wood, dark walnut stain, show grain, satin finish, low VOC preferred 

Please price this out including shipping. And, please keep in mind that Caroline will complete the bedroom suite at a future date.   

Talk soon, 

Doug and Caroline      


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Good Morning Oscar, 

Dealing with the elements is not fun, we are thinking of retiring somewhere a bit more forgiving. 

Does the price for the cabinets include shipping? The cabinets are going in our developed basement so if they can be built more economically that is fine as long as fronts are solid wood. I assume if the bed is done at the same time it will keep shipping costs down. 

Great to hear from you! 



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Hello Doug and Caroline, it is very cold here as well, in Mid December on a delivery drive to West Texas our truck froze in Grant N.M. and almost blew the engine. I did not use antifreeze, now I know how important it is to prepare for freezing temperatures. I have been too spoiled in the South West.  

 Kitchen Cabinets 15 l.f x 160 = 2,400.00 Alder. with adj. shelf/drawers on H.D quiet steel glides.

 Prices on wood are back down but still over 22% over early 2019. 

 We are 6-8 weeks from the order date. 

 Happy New Year to you and your family. 

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Hello Oscar,

Hope all is well down south and you are still creating furniture. Your friends in Alberta are doing well in the cold and snow.

Caroline would like to complete the bed order and we are wondering if you do kitchen base cabinets. We would need three 27” wide by 24” deep with doors, drawers and shelf and a 33” corner cabinet with door and a shelf. No countertop. If you do kitchen cabs could give us a rough idea on the cost and we’ll go from there.  Caroline has the bed details figured out.

Happy New Year!

Doug and Caroline Nixon

Hacienda Rustica

Sun, Jan 9, 4:59 PM (21 hours ago)

to Douglas

Hi douglas, Bed in Pine is $1,640.00 + 22% 360.80= $2,000.80 includes delivery approx $500 to US Border- Alberta Canada until bed is packed and weight I will know for sure.

 Their system is, weight and volume plus pick charge usually 150.00.

Kitchen cabinets in pine  $1,800.00 + freight  I guess $700  ship together and save $150.00