Mexican custom rustic furniture


our solid wood drawers are on Full Extension Steel Glides

meant for continuous easy and quiet
operation… no falling drawers

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Hacienda collection  

This is by far the best selling line of furniture

as well as the best known throughout the world.

The contrast of the wrought iron hinges,
clavos and door pulls against the soft vintage honey color 

of the pine, makes a delightful impression.

Shaker or Mission furniture  

Most customers re-order the Sierra line then

the Mexican or the Spanish furniture lines, why  I wonder, it also costs a fraction more because of the extra time involved to make dovetail drawers and mortise joinery etc. The general appearance of this line is soft, clean and elegant but yet so country or Mission furniture.

..Spanish rustic collection

Spanish furniture line is considered by many as the most distinctive and elegant of them all, yet
we feel that all 4 styles capture the warmth and essence of his beautiful classic rustic period 
natural furniture… what say you.

All items in the
Mexican hacienda rustic
furniture pine collection are
handcrafted,   the wood used in our furniture is 100% constructed entirely of
solid American pine (Sugar Pine) cut  and processes in Oregon/Washington/Canada

The exterior surfaces are intentionally distressed to
achieve that rustic vintage finish people look for in this very charming style.

Water base polyurethane clear satin, semi or glossy they all look good but it’s
what you want. That is why some people consider us a classic mexican furniture
manufacturer, as we can be trusted with the furniture your family will enjoy for
many years to come.

We do not use veneers! nor formaldehyde products.
We use only natural solid wood furniture.

We make a very nice hand
old wormed wood finish that
some customers have replaced their furniture piece by piece
it is a real work of Artemio 1 of our hard
working carpenters. 

The charm of this line of natural wood furniture lies in

the irregularities of the wood, like the knots, the bow, the uneven areas that make the stain
penetrates unevenly, these are the characteristics of Rustic furniture.

 Yes all our furnishings are assembled with the exception
of beds where you have to drop 2 side beams into headboard and footboard very
easy task, if he doesn’t put it together do not bring him an apple tart to bed Ned Devine 

During the late 1500’s, Europeans including Irish, Italian,
German, Russian, and mostly Spanish artisans and skilled carpenters invaded  the

pre-existing native cultures, bringing with them the guild system
establishing the first carpenter’s guild in Mexico City in 1568.

As a result,
The variety of beautiful and creative 
 pieces has not ceased, though there are many of the classic styles as you
can see in our online catalog, new furniture models are constantly being made and not
displayed why I don’t know, perhaps the circle of trust.

The 15th  Century brought with it, winds of change with
simple tools and tradition resulting in  Mexican furniture a is unique blend of
many traditions, beliefs and art forms. Massive wood hacienda furniture not
only makes a beautiful and unique addition to any home, but also tells the story
of the societal, cultural and religious history of old Mexico.

Mexican hacienda furniture style is by far the best selling line as well as
the best known throughout the world. The contrast of the wrought iron hinges,
clavos and door pulls against the
soft vintage honey color of the natural pine, makes a delightful warm impression

 made with natural wood, not voodoo!

don’t be fooled by products made with veneers,
MDF, medium or high density boards advertised with
Mexican or Hacienda furnishings labels.

   information?    sales@HaciendaRustica.Com