natural furniture

Equipale Traditional Set of 5 items

 Non cushioned, U.S.

equiplales set traditional

set of 5 pieces

chairs and 1 table

U.S. delivered/insured

 Traditional non-cushioned


Equipale Traditional Set of 5 items

 Non cushioned, FOB LA/SD.

equipales tobacco

tobacco color

equipales set traditional

Papaya color

 choice of colors on  request a steal at
$ 659.00 FOB
Allow 4-5 weeks from order date

Equipale Set pest treated!!!,
varnished, leather tied only, no tar glue joints.

Non-delivered FOB L.A Only set of 5 pieces



Featured in
luxury hotels worldwide…

equipales cushioned

equipal equipale equipales leather natural aztec furniture

additional chairs
$225.00 each cushioned seat

cushioned delivered

Please allow 4-5 weeks
from order date.

equipal set of 5 seats, equipales de Mexico

Equipal Traditional Cushioned highly

Set of 5 pieces

“best seller”

Tobacco or Papaya
colors available

equipales tobacco

color displayed

Cushioned Traditional Equipales Set of 4 chairs and 1 Table 30 h
x 42″ diameter $1,248.00 delivered in U.S.

The 15th  Century brought with it, winds of
change with simple tools and tradition resulting in Mexican furniture is unique
blend of many traditions, beliefs and art forms. Massive wood Hacienda
furnishings not only makes a beautiful and unique addition to any home,

but also
tells a story of the societal, cultural and religious history of Mexico. “Icpalli”
now called Equipales
remains pre-Colombian used by Aztec priests and royalty as a comfortable place
to seat. 

Custom Mexican furniture… by Hacienda Rustica
Co. since 1946

 1 0 0 %    p e s t   f r e e   w o o d s  ( we
do not use So.
American pine ) 

Mexican  furniture is a timeless style of
furnishing . . .

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pictures from this website without written consent of HaciendaRus
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