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alas bed

alas bed


(7 Pc) side beams(10"x 1 1/2") and "T" cross supports.

s m e l l   n a t u r a l   w o o d , not formaldehydes.!

gov ned gov bed1


Double "T" cross supports transfer all

the weight directly to the floor ensuring

 an extra silent everlasting natural custom bed ... !

sta isabel bed

Santa Isabel

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 Sonora bed 

Hacienda Sonora

 lib bed 

Library bed

cancun bed

Hacienda Cancun   2 styles


sundance bed


think of HaciendaRustica for your custom unique bed. 

send us a picture or a drawing of your custom dream bed we will make it in natural wood!

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Bed :  

The ideal bed would be made out of solid wood and finished with a natural and non-toxic wood oil or beeswax or would remain unfinished. There are a number of natural oil and wax wood finishing products designed for food cutting boards and butcher blocks that will work well on a bed frame.

The frame should be designed to hold wooden slats. This arrangement, common in Europe, eliminates the need for a box spring and allows for air circulation under the mattress which facilitates evaporation of moisture. 

The center piece of any bedroom sanctuary is, of course, the bed. Of all of the furnishings in your home the bed is the one you will spend the most time in and which will have the most impact on your health and well-being…so choose wisely.

A healthy bed will have many of the same attributes as a healthy home. It should be:


• able to take on moisture and then dry-out without supporting dust or mold

• easy to clean and sanitize

• electrically non-conductive (free of metal)

• ergonomic, supporting a healthy sleep posture

• highly insulating supporting warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  by Paula Baker-Laporte

custom rails, custom foot boards, custom headboards, custom size beds, custom color, custom finishes, custom textures

and all of this at bed manufacturers prices, please allow 3-4 weeks for completion and delivery from order date.


Enjoy natural wood custom beds ...

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