Custom Mexican doors

Hacienda styles, solid doors

We are manufacturers of hacienda doors


made with US and Canada woods
no need for a
distributor or dealer.

(do not
copy pictures, need a written authorization from HaciendaRustica.Com)

classic door

36″ x 80″ x 8/4″

clavos on both sides.

We manufacture forged
wrought iron hardware and do
antique reproductions,

Solid Cedar, Alder, Mahogany,
Oak, Maple, Walnut.

Send us a picture of the door you have in mind, We will make it for less with our standard 2″ tenon construction.

Why pay more?

Delivered/ Insured or if so requested You may pick up from Los Angeles or Calexico Ca.

We will contact you to review details before production

schedule, progress pictures will be posted on your order page.

We do not use veneers! nor formaldehyde products, engineered woods.
Enjoy natural solid doors.

323 325-2565

let us quote your next project,
We have over 50 styles on
hacienda doors.

RBB’s, Hotels, Villas, Hospitality…

We will give you an affordable price that
you will be pleased with.

We do not use veneers! nor formaldehyde products. No engineered woods nor voodoo woods here.

Strong, secure and beautiful doors custom made for you.

One door at a time


no need for a
distributor or dealer.

Do not copy pictures, need a written authorization from HaciendaRustica.Com since 1946

There are many types of woods they vary in softness, hardness, flexibility, grain patterns, cost etc

We make very affordable doors.

We recommend to apply Thompson Deck Seal
every 3 to 4 years, it comes in clear and in a spray gallon that makes
application easy, this substance once applied it protects the door from water
damage and most important UV rays specially if the door is facing West.

These Rustic doors are handcrafted. The wood used in our
doors is 100% constructed entirely of solid American pine (Sugar Pine) or Alder
from Oregon State cut and processed in Oregon and Washington U.S.A. and Canada. No Brasil Rainforest nor Michoacan’s forest reserves.

On request, the exterior surfaces are intentionally distressed to achieve that rustic vintage finish people look for in this very charming style of furniture.

The wood is then stained and finished with a protective coating of wax applied by hand, appering matte until rubbed for shine.

Office and home furniture, we us manufacturers can help you create an organize a comfortable and fashionable place to live and work. Hacienda Rustica provides a special kind of furniture that is practical and affordable, as well as attractive and truly enduring.