Douglas and Caroline Nixon custom hardwood order

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We would like the bedroom special as per the following specs:

  • Pine or alder wood
  • Dark stain (see previous Nixon order of armoire), varathane coats (satin finish, not shiny), distressed finish


Bedroom Special Items


Tall Dresser (54”x36”x18”) with 5 Drawers

style to match below photo similar to ComE2S 8-drawer dresser without the extra vertical accent strips on the drawers (If dental molding similar to ComE2S 8-drawer dresser would fit, how much more?)   Dental detail bellow top molding no e/c

·         2  bedside stands as per below (24” wide x 18” deep x suggested height in relation to bed—can you please provide height of platform on which the mattress rests? That will help us determine the height of the stands) Once You know the thickness of mattress and box spring,  let me know, I will place the bed hooks to give the desired height, usually 30″.  That is the last thing we do on the beds.

In the next link you can see the Cancun carving on a single large panel,  

·         Is it possible to alter Cancun-bed carvings to fit the door panels?  Yes, the details of fluted columns/iron belts plus  4 large Cancun carvings, ledge top.  $1,640.00  Pine or  $2,624.00 Alder wood, ( prices from 2003  ( )

Hola Oscar!

Below are some details regarding the items we are interested in purchasing:

Bedroom Special

  • ash wood (or maple wood)
  • dark stain, varathane coats, distressed finish
  • 1 additional Spanish night stand (both 25” wide, 19” deep, and height of bedding)   X 2 pcs   Bur9 w/ Cancun carving $360.00 Pine ea., $680.00 Fine woods, $544.00 Alder wood.

  • ComE2S 8-drawer dresser (63” x 34” x 20”)     $890.00 Pine, $1,780.00 Fine woods, $1,424.00 Alder wood.
  • Exit Visual Builder
  • Hacienda Sonora Bed King Size (to hold 76” wide x 80” long king-sized mattress) (head board only one panel high and approximately 10 or 11” ledge between posts to put things on; see attached diagram). 
  • $1,640.00  Pine or  $2,624.00 Alder wood prices from 2003, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Ash, Cherry.

Cabinets and Shelves (to be inserted into nooks on both sides of Fireplace; see attached diagram)

 Get me the clear space or finished dimension. I can do only frontal moldings. 

  • maple wood, not distressed
  • dark stain, varathane coats (to match kitchen cabinets; can send sample)
  • 2 cabinets (36” high x 57” wide x 17.5” deep) (you may have suggestions for the door configuration)
  • 4 floating shelves (57” wide x 17.5” deep)
  • No handles needed (we have extras from the kitchen cabinets)
  • $858.00 each in Pine or $1,716.00 fine hardwoods, $1,372 for Alder wood. Or consider for the same price as Alder I can do a very rustic thick reclaimed Douglas Fir wood stained in any color with or w/o doors, with a distress vintage finish, it may compliment the Mantle.

Fireplace Mantel

  • Distress scraped wood (any type that would go with the cabinets and shelves to keep costs down)
  • Dark stain, varathane coats (same as cabinets and shelves)
  • 71 7/8”  $440.00  pine, $880 fine woods, $704.00 Alder wood.

Can you provide an estimate?

Muchias gracias,

Douglas and Caroline Nixon

57 Riverside Drive

St. Albert, Alberta

Canada  T8N 7N6


Bed will have 4″ longer side rails, design as in picture.  Bed with  bedding at 30″ as Night stands.

polished and stained finish. ( non vintage) 2/11/19

List of items Feb 6

Douglas and Caroline

1:08 PM (6 minutes ago)

to me

Hi Oscar,

Our bed and box spring combined height is 19 ½” as we have thin box springs. I am tall and my feet do hang over the end of the bed at times so the mattress will have to sit a bit higher than the footboard after it is installed. I did not see a price for a matching tall dresser 54” high 36” wide and 18” deep with 5 drawers. Just to confirm we will be ordering the following items on this order; 

Finish. Dark stain (see previous Nixon order of armoire), varathane coats (satin finish, not shiny), distressed finish

 1 Bed King size     $1,640.00  Pine or  $2,624.00 Alder wood

2 night tables      Bur9  w/ Cancun carving $360.00 Pine ea., $680.00 Fine woods, $544.00 Alder wood

1 wide dresser  $890.00 Pine, $1,780.00 Fine woods, $1,424.00 Alder wood.  Both Dressers tall and wide  with dental detail below molding.

1 high dresser     $740.00 Pine  $ 1,184.00 Alder wood 

 The other cabinets and mantel have been previously built so they can be deleted from the page. I will discuss  with Caroline tonight and simplify things and decide on wood. 

Thank you very much,

Douglas and Caroline

Feb 18, 2019, 11:56 AM (8 days ago)

to me

Hi Oscar,


Sounds good. We checked the bed again with blankets and the inside length of the bed frame should be no more than 81.5 “ . The 76” width is more than ample.  Please send some pictures of carving designs for Caroline to look at so she can pick something out.


Talk soon!



dark walnut, distressed, with 2 coats of polyurethane satin. Allow 6-8 weeks from deposit date

1 Bed King size  Custom Cancun carving     $1,640.00  Pine or  $2,624.00 Alder wood

2 night tables      Bur9  w/ matching Cancun carvings $360.00 Pine ea., $680.00 Fine woods, $544.00 Alder wood

1 wide dresser  $890.00 Pine, $1,780.00 Fine woods, $1,424.00 Alder wood.

1 high dresser     $740.00 Pine  $ 1,184.00 Alder wood

$6,592.00 Alder wood  50% deposit/balance $3,296.00  

 $3,990.00 pine wood   50% deposit/balance  $1,995.00

Top button Alder wood

Below pine wood

Pine custom bedroom set   50 % deposit / balance
Quantity: 1
Unit Price: $1995.00 (USD)
Item Total: $1995.00 (USD)

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